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Newcastle Rainwater Tanks

Imagine all of the rain you could be harvesting with a rainwater tank. You’d have reduced water bills, a green garden and an alternative supply of water during water restrictions. Wondering what this water can be used for? The water from your rainwater tank can be used to wash your clothes, water your garden, clean your car and even flush your toilet. 

Rainwater tanks come in many shapes and sizes. There is a wide variety to choose from and the plumbers at Craftsman Plumbing & Drains are here to help you choose which tank will work best for you. Whether you’re wanting a tank that fits down the side of your house or an underground solution, our plumbing technicians have the knowledge and experience to satisfactorily complete your rainwater tank installation.

Installation, Maintenance and Repairs

Our team works with the latest technologies and solutions, ensuring your rainwater tank installation, maintenance or repair job is carried out to the highest standard. 

If you’re thinking about how you could benefit from a rainwater tank, we encourage you to get in touch with our friendly Newcastle plumbing team today.

Frequently asked questions

We’re often asked these questions in relation to rainwater tanks. See if we have answered yours in our FAQs below.

What are your rainwater tank installation costs?

Costs will vary depending on many different factors, including what tank you decide to go with. It is always best to arrange a time with one of our plumbing technicians so they can assess and quote the job correctly.

What is rainwater harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting captures the rain that falls on your roof, transporting it through gutters and pipes, before it’s filtered into your tank. You are then able to use this rainwater in your home.

Will installing a rainwater tank save me money?

Yes, you can significantly reduce you water bill by installing a rainwater tank.

Does a rainwater tank benefit the environment?

Yes, having a rainwater tank can improve the waterways in your area as stormwater is reduced. They can also reduce flooding.

What type of rainwater tanks are available?

There are many types of rainwater tanks available including bladder, steel, polyethylene and underground tanks. They come in multiple colours and sizes. To help choose the right tank, we recommend getting in touch with one of our local plumbers.

When can you can come to install a rainwater tank at my home?

Give our friendly team a call and one of our Newcastle plumbing technicians will come out to you as soon as possible.


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