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How to Give Your Bathroom a Refresh Without a Costly Renovation

Our bathrooms are one of the most frequently used rooms in the home. So it only makes sense we want them to look great. Not only for ourselves, but also for the guests that come into our home. If your bathroom is a little worse for wear, but you don’t have the budget for a complete makeover, we’re here to tell you it’s possible to give your bathroom a refresh without the costly renovation.

Update the fittings

One of the easiest updates you can make to your bathroom is to the fittings. This includes the tapware, shower heads and even the cabinet knobs. Not only will you fix leaky, out of date styles, you’ll be giving your bathroom a beautiful, modern look, increasing the value of your bathroom while saving water and money.

Above Counter Basin

Don’t forget the sink!

If you’re going to update the fittings, don’t forget the sink! Updating the sink will complement the new fittings nicely. We love a vessel basin or an above counter basin for a clean, uncluttered look. There are many colours and materials available to us these days so you can get as creative as you like while still having a practical sink.

Freestanding Bath

Add a freestanding bathtub

Consider adding a freestanding bathtub as an opulent statement piece. Even though they are incredibly luxurious you can find quality brands and tubs that won’t break the bank. There are also compact designs available for smaller bathrooms. Another bonus? A freestanding bathtub can be placed anywhere meaning you’re not limited to having to place it against a wall. Perfect when creating your dream bathroom.

Change the vanity

You can instantly give your bathroom a refresh with a brand new vanity. A wall mounted vanity will give your bathroom the appearance of more space, while also allowing for more air flow within the room. You’ll have extra storage and the bathroom will be easier to clean as there is less clutter to pick up and a smooth surface to wipe down.

Purchase a mirror

A mirror is a great way to dress up your room. With so many different styles to choose from, there is a mirror for every interior decorating style. Choose a round mirror for a chic, sophisticated appearance or a streamline arch mirror for a Scandinavian aesthetic. You’ll be adding good energy to the room and brightening the space through reflected light.

Heated Towel Rack

Add a heated towel rack

Not only is a heated towel rack perfect for warmth, it will transform the feeling of the space and take the bathroom experience to another level. You’ll always have a dry towel while minimising the chance of mould growth in a damp breeding ground.

Choose statement light pieces

Great lighting has the ability to create a beautiful atmosphere in the bathroom, even though it is often overlooked. Statement light pieces such as a stylish warm wall sconce or a decorative ceiling pendant give your bathroom personality.

Have a rain shower head installed

There’s something about a rain shower head that makes you feel like you’re on a holiday at a tropical resort. Wondering how this shower head got its name? These shower heads imitate the feeling of showering in the rain. A rain shower head offers full body coverage and while it may look high-end, there are many cost effective options available.

Replace (or remove) your shower screen

Replacing or removing your shower screen is not only a great way to give your bathroom a refreshed look, it can also make a small bathroom space appear big. If you do want to keep a shower screen, consider having a glass shower screen. They’re easy to clean, low maintenance and they don’t prevent any light filtering through the space. A big plus in comparison to shower curtains.

Floating bathroom shelving

If you need a little more storage space in the bathroom, adding floating shelves will provide this space without the need of a bulky cabinet. The sleek silhouette of a floating shelf will refresh the space, keep your bathroom open and offer practicality and functionality.

LED Lighting in Bathroom Refresh

Make use of LED lights

Using LED lights underneath mirrors or cabinets add a beautiful ambiance to your bathroom. They diminish shadows and project an even light source without being too strong. These decorative lights have a longer lifespan and consume 80% less power than halogen or incandescent lights.

Ready to give your bathroom a refresh?

If you’re ready to give your bathroom a refresh without a costly renovation, give our plumbing team a call. We can offer you advice on the best options for your bathroom as well as installing any of your new bathroom fixtures.

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