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Hot water plumbing is a luxury we all love. Whether it’s enjoying a warm shower in the morning or being able to wash your hands in warmth on a cold winter night. But when the hot water stops running, we want to get it fixed as quickly as possible! Craftsman Plumbing & Drains understand this and will send out a hot water plumber as soon as possible to fix your plumbing! 

Our Newcastle based plumbing team also install and maintain your hot water heater. We have experience working with solar hot water systems and can offer advice and guidance on environmentally friendly options. 

From heat pump systems to gas hot water tanks and tempering valves, our 12 years of experience gives us the necessary skills and expertise to complete your job professionally, efficiently and safely. 

Frequently asked questions

Have a question regarding hot water plumbing? Our hot water plumbers may have answered it in the FAQs below.

What are your hot water plumbing costs?

Each hot water plumbing job is different and many factors depend on how much your job will cost. Craftsman Plumbing & Drains will offer you a quote before any work is started.

I’m looking for some guidance on what hot water system will be best for my home. What do you suggest?

There are many factors and options to take into consideration such as energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and even modern solar hot water systems. We also take into consideration the size of your household, the layout of your home and your budget. It’s best to give our plumbing team a call so we can talk through your options together and provide the best solution for you.

My energy bill was really high this month. Could it be from my hot water heater?

Water heating can account for around 25% of your energy use, so there is a very good chance your hot water heater is contributing to this. If you’re thinking about switching hot water systems, give our team a call to chat about your options.

Are solar hot water systems expensive?

Depending on your budget a solar hot water system can be expensive to install, however it is inexpensive to run. To find out more, contact our expert hot water plumbing team.

Can you install a brand new hot water heater for my bathroom renovation?

Yes, our hot water plumbers can install your brand new hot water heater. Just give us a call and we can arrange a time to come out and visit your property.

My hot water has stopped working! How soon can you come and repair it?

Call our team straight away and we will send out a plumbing technician to fix your hot water system as soon as possible.


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