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Newcastle Drain Camera Inspections

Our CCTV drain camera inspections allow our Newcastle plumbers to see into your pipes, identify any problems and assess what condition they are in.

Our cameras are fed into your drain and around the bends allowing us to diagnose whether you have tree roots blocking the line, cracked pipework or a blockage of another kind. The locator detects exactly where the blockage is, saving time and unnecessary digging.

Craftsman Plumbing & Drains use the latest technology and our vehicles are equipped with the correct tools so we can get your job completed on the first visit.

Do you suspect you have an issue with your drainage system?

Signs you may have a blockage include:

Unpleasant smells coming from your drains.
A gurgling toilet, sink or shower.
Water that’s slow to drain from your sink, shower or bath.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, contact your local plumber as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

Have a question in relation to drain camera inspections? See if we’ve answered it below!

What are your drain camera inspections costs?

Costs vary depending on the job at hand. Cost will also depend on the complexity of the issue you are having with your drain and will need to be quoted in person. It’s important to remember it’s more efficient and safer to hire the services of a Newcastle plumbing expert to get the job done properly.

There’s an unpleasant smell coming from my drains? Should I be worried?

A bad smell coming from your drains is one of the first signs of a blockage. It’s best to call your local plumber right away to have them inspect the drains clear the blockage for you.

My toilet is making a gurgling sound. Could I have a blocked drain?

A toilet that’s gurgling almost always means there is a blockage occurring. The last thing you want is an overflow! It’s best to call your local plumber and have them come and take a look for you.

Can I fix the blocked drain myself?

In some cases, a plunger may help dislodge the blockage. However, this may only be a temporary fix. To ensure the blockage is cleared effectively and the correct problem is diagnosed, it is best to leave this to your local plumber.

Can I inspect and fix the blocked drain myself?

It’s best to leave this job up to an experienced plumber. They will have the correct CCTV drain camera technology and be equipped to dealing with the problem at hand.

How soon can you come?

Give our friendly team a call to organise an appointment with one of our plumbing technicians. We will come as soon as possible.


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