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Newcastle Dishwasher and Washing Machine Installation

Have you just purchased a new appliance? Or are you thinking it’s time to purchase one? Our Newcastle based plumbers are experienced in dishwasher and washing machine installation and will get the job done quickly and efficiently for you.

Dishwashers and washing machines get used often. So it’s imperative to a busy household that they are working properly! They keep everything nice and clean and you can be sure your items are getting washed properly. The last thing you want is washing piling up, or spending longer than needed doing the dishes. 

If you’re unsure what dishwasher or washing machine to purchase, our highly skilled plumbing technicians can offer advice and help you find the correct appliance for your space and budget. They can also advise whether you need a power point, tap or drainage point installed prior.

Get in touch with our friendly team today to enquire about our dishwasher and washing machine installation services.

Frequently asked questions

We’re often asked these questions in relation to our dishwasher and washing machine installation services.

What are your dishwasher and washing machine installation costs?

Costs will vary depending on the appliance, space and complexity of the job. Feel free to contact our plumbing technicians to enquire further.

Can I install my dishwasher or washing machine myself?

It is best left to leave the installation to a professional. A qualified plumbing technician will have the skills and expertise to correctly and safely install your appliance. If anything goes wrong during the installation, you can rest assured your experienced plumber will know how to handle the situation. They also use high quality parts and materials.

How long will it take for my dishwasher or washing machine to be installed?

Each appliance and home is different. Your plumber will be able to advise you on the day.

Do you dispose of the old appliance?

We are able to dispose of the old appliance for an additional cost.

If I need a new power point installed, can you do this?

If a new power point is needed, you will need to contact a qualified local electrician. Once the power point is installed, our plumbing technician can complete the installation.

How soon can you install my dishwasher or washing machine for me?

Give our friendly team a call to organise an appointment. Our plumbing technicians will come and complete your install as soon as possible.


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