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Burst Pipe Repairs and Relines in Newcastle

The last thing you want is a burst pipe! And they can strike with little to no warning at all. One minute everything’s fine, the next, you have a serious problem on your hands. However, not all pipes burst. Instead, they might be cracked, blocked or filled with tree roots. Troublesome drains can be an indicator of this. If you are experiencing this problem it’s best to call your Newcastle plumber for burst pipe repairs and relines.

No dig technology!

Craftsman Plumbing & Drains use the latest no dig technology, meaning your garden goes untouched. Using a high pressure water jet, the pipes are cleared and cleaned. A new PVC pipe is then placed into the existing pipe, before being permanently fixed to it. There is no mess or noise and the installation is quick and affordable.

For leak proof, smooth flowing pipes, give the plumbing professionals at Craftsman Plumbing & Drains a call. Our friendly team is here to answer any of your questions and offer you advice on the best solution to your pipe problems.

Frequently asked questions

We’re often asked these questions in relation to burst pipe repairs, problems and relines.

What are your burst pipe repairs and relines plumbing costs?

Costs vary depending on the job at hand and the complexity of the issue you are having. Pipes jobs will need to be quoted in person. It’s safer and more effective to hire the services of a plumbing professional to get your pipes fixed correctly.

My toilet is constantly backing up. What does this mean?

It is very possible tree roots have entered your pipes. When this happens, toilet paper gets caught on these roots, making the blockage worse over time. Get in touch with a plumbing technician as soon as possible to have your pipes fixed and relined.

There are a lot of sinkholes appearing in my backyard. Does this mean I have tree roots growing in my pipes?

This is a common sign of an extensive tree root invasion. The roots are damaging the pipes resulting in leaking water. This is saturating the soil around the pipes, causing the ground to sink in. Call your plumber as soon as possible in this situation.

All of a sudden there have been changes to the water pressure in home. Do I need to have my pipes fixed?

When the water pressure changes, it can definitely be a sign of a clogged or cracked pipe. It’s best to have a plumber come out and assess the pipe for you before the problem gets any worse.

I just received my water bill and it is incredibly high compared to the last one. Could this mean I have a cracked pipe?

A high water bill can be an indicator of a cracked pipe. When the pipes become blocked, cracks occur and large amounts of water can be leaking causing your bill to be higher than usual. Having this issue fixed now instead of leaving it is going to save you money in the long run!

When can you can come?

Give our friendly team a call and one of our Newcastle plumbing technicians will come out to you as soon as possible.


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