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10 Expert Ideas to Make Your Small Bathroom Appear Bigger

Most of us dream of bigger bathroom spaces. Bathrooms with a double vanity, a large shower and even a separate bathtub. Sometimes this isn’t always a reality, but there are a few strategies you can implement to make your small bathroom appear bigger. We share 10 expert ideas below. 

Small Bathroom Lighting

Keep decorative items to a minimum (and off the floor)

Looking around your bathroom, do you see lots of decorative items? If your answer is yes, it could be a good idea to remove some of them. Having lots of items in the bathroom can make it look cluttered and appear smaller. It’s also a great idea to remove any of these items off the floor. Freeing up floor space is a perfect way to make your small bathroom appear bigger. And the best part is, this is something you can do straight away!

Think about what’s in your bathroom

What’s currently in your bathroom? Do you store the medicine items in the cupboard? Are there extra towels and a clothes basket? All of these items tcould be placed somewhere else. Perhaps the clothes basket could be stored in the laundry. Maybe the extra towels could be folded away into the linen cupboard. You could also always move the medicine into a storage box in a cupboard, up high away from children. 

Small Bathroom Appear Bigger With Floating Vanity

Use a floating vanity 

Free space underneath a vanity automatically makes a small bathroom appear bigger as the area feels more open. Having more room for your feet also makes a difference to the feeling of the room. A floating vanity means you still have a place to store bathroom items whilst visually creating space. 

Thinking about having a new vanity installed? Our qualified plumbers can install the basin and connect the water supply and drain lines. Contact our team today.

Ensure you have good lighting 

Good lighting can do wonders for a small bathroom. If positioned correctly, the light can open up the space and make it appear bigger. You can add extra lighting around your vanity to add depth. It’s also important that the lighting forms a grid, as opposed to one light in the middle of the roof. We recommend four or more lights.

Bathroom Skylight

Add a skylight 

If you love natural light, you’re on the right track to making your space appear bigger. Adding a skylight lets the light in from the ceiling, making a small, dull room appear warm, spacious and inviting. Having a skylight is also great in the winter months for a dark bathroom.

Make use of large mirrors 

Mirrors are an ideal way to make your small bathroom appear bigger. They can essentially double the size of the perceived space, especially when placed correctly. You want to be able to reflect the size of the bathroom, creating the illusion of a bigger space. Consider adding a floor to ceiling mirror, or a mirror along a wall.

Include tall windows in your design 

If you’re at the designing and planning stage, think about including tall windows. Tall windows will maximise the amount of natural light filtering in, open up the room and bring the outside surroundings in. This makes the room feel warm and has a positive effect on mood. 

Replace a bathtub with a shower

A bathtub can often take up valuable space. Ask yourself if having a bathtub is essential to your bathroom. If not, installing a shower in its place is sure to be a space saver! 

Glass Shower Screen In Small Bathroom

Have an open plan shower shower

If you’re serious about making your small space appear bigger, opt for a walk in, open plan shower. Having no shower screen is a failsafe way to open up the space in your bathroom. If you’re opposed to the idea of having no shower screen, consider a glass screen instead.

If you’re looking to change your bathroom or shower, our plumbing team can help! Contact us to find out more.

Light Coloured Bathroom

Choose light coloured walls and floors 

To help create the illusion of space, choose light coloured walls and floors. Think white on white, or a warm cream. Soft, pale grey shades work well as do pale powder blues and greens.

Making your small bathroom appear bigger

A clutter free, open space will not only make your small bathroom appear bigger, it will also make you feel better. And it doesn’t have to come at the cost of your bathroom aesthetics. If you’re ready to start creating the small bathroom of your dreams, our team of plumbing technicians are here to help you with your visual expansion! Contact Craftsman Plumbing & Drains today.

Start creating the small bathroom of your dreams

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